Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Water Troubleshooting
The Perfect Balance
Chlorine or Bromine Levels3.0 ppm
pH or Potential of Hydrogen7.4-7.8       7.0=Acid    8.0=Base
Total Alkalinity or TA80-120 ppm    Adjust TA first before pH
Total Calcium200-400

Cloudy or Dull Water
Buildup of unfilterable material
Use water clarifier. If Foamy or Oily use an enzyme clarifier
Excessive organic contaminants or lack of sanitizerShock with granular Chlorine or Bromine to 10 ppm.  Recheck and check sanitizer before using tub
pH and Total Alkalinity out of balanceTest water and adjust appropriately
Dirty FilterClean with tap water and a quality filter cleaner
Calcium Hardness too highDrain and Clean Tub
Cloudy, green water
Low AlkalinityUse Alkalinity Plus and bring water up to 80-120 ppm
Low Sanitizer LeverShock to 10 ppm then balance to 3,0 ppm
Clear Green or Turquoise Water
Dissolved Copper or Iron in Spa WaterAdd Stain and Scale Remover.  Check pH
Reddish Brown water or Stains
Iron or Manganese Dissolved in WaterUse stain and scale remover
Skin and Eye Irritation
Chlorine Level too high or organic contaminants in waterShock treat with chlorine or bromine
pH and Total Alkalinity out of balanceAdjust levels and balance
Scum Build Up or  Excessive Foaming
Oils, lotions, and detergents from bathers have caused build upUse an enzyme clarifier
Calcium Hardness too LowIncrease Calcium Hardness to 200 ppm

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